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C. Andrés Alvarez fort worth bartender

Bartender Feature

C. Andrés Alvarez

As a bartender, what current bartending trend most excites you?
C. Andrés: “The exploration of different kinds of acids. To find ways to bring acid and brightness into a cocktail, without the tradition lemon and lime, but with shrubs, fermentations, or other fruit/vegetable acid adjusted juices. The introduction of these makes even the most classic cocktail anew and interesting.”

What’s a flavor you’re most excited to work with this year?
C. Andrés: “Asian-centric or Latin-American flavors. These regions have a myriad of delicate vegetal and umami flavors that we don’t get to sip on very often… yet. An exciting flavor adventure for sure.”

What Liquid Alchemist flavor do you like working with the most?
C. Andrés: “The Apple-Spiced is an all time favorite; however the Coconut and the Tamarind are both pack with intense flavor but fuse harmoniously in a cocktail.”

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What’s your favorite industry spot in your area?
C. Andrés: “Bishop Arts in Dallas”

What three bars are must-go- to’s if you visit Dallas-Fort Worth?
C. Andrés: “Atlas: Bishop Arts
Apothecary: Lowe Greenville
Tina’s Continental: Deep Ellum”

You can find C. Andrés at Atlas in Fort Worth and on Instagram.

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