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HipStirs Holiday Cocktail Trio Pack

Celebrate the holidays with Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry Pie, and Old Fashioned Syrups. Mix up delightful holiday cocktails with this seasonal trio.


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HipStirs Holiday Cocktail Trio Pack

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Elevate your holiday festivities with our exclusive Holiday Cocktail Syrup Trio Pack. This curated selection includes Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry Pie, and Old Fashioned Syrups, each brimming with the flavors of the season. Crafted with natural ingredients and packaged in 8oz bottles, it’s the ultimate companion for creating memorable cocktails and mocktails during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and beyond.

The Holiday Cocktail Syrup Trio Pack is the ideal gift for those who appreciate the joy of craft cocktails during the festive season. Packed with our delightful Holiday Cocktail Syrups, including Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry Pie, and Old Fashioned, this trio promises to elevate any holiday gathering. Share the gift of flavorful, handcrafted cocktails with loved ones and let the holiday spirit flow.

The Holiday Cocktail Syrup Line Up

Pumpkin Spice | Celebrate the flavors of the season with our Pumpkin Spice Syrup. It’s your ticket to crafting cozy, holiday-inspired cocktails and mocktails. Made in small batches with natural ingredients, this syrup holds the essence of warmth and tradition. Elevate your gatherings with a touch of autumn. 

Cranberry Pie | Indulge in the nostalgic delight of Cranberry Pie Syrup. Elevate your cocktails and mocktails with the sweet-tart taste of cranberries. Crafted with care and without artificial sweeteners, it’s the perfect ingredient for festive drinks.

Old Fashioned | Experience classic sophistication with our Old Fashioned Syrup. It’s the key to crafting timeless cocktails with ease. Made in the USA and carefully handcrafted, it’s a testament to quality.

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Storage information: HipStirs Craft Cocktail Syrups shelf life is 2 years unopen. Once your cocktail syrup is open, it is good for months in the refrigerator. Natural ingredients may separate, shake before using.

Dimensions: Each bottle is 8oz and measures 5 ½ inches tall by 2 inches wide. The bottles come in gift-worthy box that measures 7 3/8 inches x 5 ½ inches, 2 ½ inches

About HipStirs Craft Cocktail Syrups
Meet HipStirs Craft Cocktail Syrups, Liquid Alchemist’s ‘Little Sister’. Crafted with the same attention to detail, Hipstirs is perfect for the home bartender looking to craft accessible, consistent, and flavorful cocktails at home. Elevate your beverages with our craft cocktail syrups made from natural, fresh ingredients. Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners and hello to a new world of taste. Crafted in small batches, made in the USA, and always ready to elevate your cocktail game.


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