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Join the Sober January Challenge

30-Days Of Inspiration For Staying Sober In January

Join The Sober January Challenge

Recipes, discounts and inspiration from Liquid Alchemist, Lyres Spirits, True Roots Brew and The Reframe App.

30-Days Of Inspiration For Staying Sober In January

Mocktail Recipes / Mindful Tips / Discounts

We’ve partnered together with three incredible resource partners to bring you delicious dry beverages, incredible discounts, and mindful inspiration to reach your goals this year.

Here’s why you want to join the Sober January Challenge:

Mindful Activities

Acheiving a goal means taking power over your mind. Each week we'll deliver minful exercises to keep you on track from the experts at the Reframe App.

Mocktails made easy...

30 Delicious and alcohol free recipes from Liquid Alchemist Syrups, Lyres Non-Alcoholic Spirits, and True Roots Ginger Brews.