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Holiday Cocktail Syrup Set

Celebrate the season with Liquid Alchemist’s Holiday Cocktail Syrup Set. Three unique flavors, one festive box. Cheers to the holidays!

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Holiday Cocktail Syrup Set

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Unwrap the gift of flavor with our Holiday Cocktail Syrup Set, brought to you by Liquid Alchemist. This set includes three 375ml bottles, each containing a unique syrup that embodies the essence of the holiday season. In this set, you’ll find the warm and spicy notes of Apple Spice syrup, the zesty and invigorating Ginger syrup, and the rich and tangy Blood Orange syrup.

Apple Spice Cocktail Syrup | The taste of fresh, crisp apples alongside an inspiring group of spices makes amazing recipes all year round. Our Apple Spice Cocktail Syrup blends perfectly with fall drink recipes, and teams up with other flavors to make refreshing cocktail and mocktail recipes for the spring and summer!

Ginger Cocktail Syrup | The fiery spice of ginger syrup starts with freshly harvested ginger root juiced to capture its flavor. Balanced with the sweetness of cane sugar that brings out the full flavor of this versatile cocktail syrup. Great for spicing up hot or cold cocktails, full pallet mocktails, or topping with some club soda to make a quick ginger beer.

Blood Orange Cocktail Syrup | The premium blood orange cocktail syrup with its red color and citrus flavor of the blood orange makes it a unique choice that takes any drink recipe to an exotic place. Our Blood Orange Syrup can enhance any cocktail with its balanced sweet and bitter palate.

Whether you’re stirring up a special holiday punch or crafting seasonal cocktails, this Holiday Cocktail Syrup Set has you covered. Our high-quality syrups are a mixologist’s delight, adding a festive twist to your drinks and making every sip a celebration.

This set makes for an ideal gift for cocktail aficionados, a charming addition to your home bar, or the secret ingredient that elevates your holiday gatherings.

Make your holiday cocktails unforgettable with Liquid Alchemist’s Holiday Cocktail Syrup Set.


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