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New Year’s Eve

December 31 Ring in the New Year with elegance and a burst of flavor with our two featured cocktails. The Raspberry 75, a sophisticated twist on the classic French 75, blends the tartness of raspberry with the sparkling wine and gin, creating a festive and bubbly experience. Meanwhile, the Cranberry Raspberry Cocktail combines cranberry juice, […]

Champagne Day

December 23 Celebrate Champagne Day this December 23 with a twist that elevates the effervescence and sophistication of your glass. Liquid Alchemist offers an exceptional way to enhance the festivity, blending seamlessly with your bubbly to introduce a palette of flavors that dance on the tongue. Whether you’re toasting to the holidays, special moments, or […]

Sangria Day

Decemeber 20 Sangria Day on December 20th is a festive celebration that embraces the rich tapestry of flavors found in this beloved beverage. It’s a day to gather to experiment with and savor the delightful combination of wine, fresh fruit, and a hint of sweetness, making it the perfect occasion to get creative with your […]

Hot Cocoa Day

December 13 December 13th serves as a beacon of warmth in the chilly winter months, inviting everyone to celebrate the comfort and joy brought by a single cup. This day is dedicated to appreciating the simple pleasures that come with the season, specifically the delight of savoring a warm, rich beverage. Recognizing the universal love […]

Prohibition Repeal Day

December 5 December 5th marks a significant moment in history, when the United States lifted the ban on alcohol in 1933, ending a 13-year-long national prohibition. This day, celebrated as Repeal Day, signifies not just the legality of alcohol but a shift towards individual freedom and the end of an era that tried to curb […]

National Bartender Day

December 2 On December 2nd, we celebrate National Bartender Day, a day to honor the creativity, skill, and dedication of those behind the bar. This special occasion is an opportunity to acknowledge the artistry and hard work of these professionals who not only craft our favorite drinks but also contribute to the ambiance and experience […]

Thanksgiving Cocktails

Fourth Thursday of November As the holiday season rolls in, the spotlight turns to festive gatherings and the culinary delights that accompany them. Cocktails, an essential element of any celebration, find a special place in the heart of the festivities. This year, the focus is on infusing traditional drinks with the warmth and nostalgia of […]

Espresso Day

November 23 On November 23rd, coffee enthusiasts around the globe come together to celebrate a beverage that has become a cornerstone of modern culture. This day is not just about honoring the rich, intense flavor that kick-starts our mornings but also about exploring the innovative ways this beloved drink can be integrated into our social […]

Apple Cider Day

November 18 November 18th marks a celebration of one of fall’s most cherished beverages, inviting us to savor the season’s quintessential flavors. On this day, we embrace the tradition and warmth that come with enjoying this festive drink, a symbol of autumn’s bounty and a staple in harvest celebrations. This year, we’re elevating the experience […]

Happy Hour Day

November 12 On November 12th, the spotlight shines on one of the most beloved traditions for friends, colleagues, and social butterflies alike—a day dedicated to celebrating the joy and camaraderie that comes with winding down and enjoying good company. This occasion is about more than just drink specials; it’s a tribute to the moments of […]


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