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Tiki Cocktail Syrup Set

Elevate your tiki cocktails with Liquid Alchemist’s Tiki Cocktail Syrup Set.  Your paradise in a bottle.


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Tiki Cocktail Syrup Set

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Elevate your tropical drink game with our Tiki Cocktail Syrup Set. Crafted by Liquid Alchemist, this set includes three 375ml bottles, each containing a unique flavor profile designed to transport you to a tiki paradise. The set comprises exotic Coconut Syrup, delectable Almond Orgeat Syrup, and vibrant Passion Fruit Syrup.

Coconut Cocktail Syrup | For the pina colada lover, exotic drink enthusiast, and tiki bartender this Coconut Cocktail Syrup brings an authentic flavor to all of your tropical-inspired cocktails, mocktails, and smoothies recipes. Add it to a favorite dessert, or a coconut-lime milkshake, for an anytime treat.

Almond Orgeat Cocktail Syrup | Sweet and subtle with a rich and nutty aroma, almonds can make any cocktail, mocktail or coffee drink more cozy or exotic. Our Almond Orgeat Syrup is used as a balancer flavor with hot or cold cocktails.

Passion Fruit Cocktail Syrup | Breath in the alluring tropical scent of the Passion Fruit Syrup while enjoying its rich fruity flavor. A perfect cocktail syrup to liven up your hot or iced tea, mocktails, or cocktails.

Whether you’re hosting a luau or just want to enjoy a taste of the islands at home, our Tiki Cocktail Syrup Set provides the perfect blend of tropical flavors to create extraordinary cocktails. These high-quality syrups are a mixologist’s dream, ensuring your concoctions capture the essence of tiki traditions.

Elevate your tiki cocktail experience and let the tropical vibes flow with every sip.


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